Please be advised that as a consequence of ongoing criminal assaults by government officials in the US and South Africa against the founder of InfoTelesys, Clive Boustred, InfoTelesys is unable to deliver product or services.

The original InfoTelesys website when we were launching a 91 Satellite Next-Generation Internet, Next-Generation Banking & Trading & Real Estate, may be accessed here: InfoTelesys the Space Age Internet

The follow on InfoTelesys website where InfoTelesys developed tablet computers for education my be accessed here: InfoTelesys Educational Computers

The website with InfoTelesys’ founders work on education may be accessed here. Get iT Ed Next-Gen Education

InfoTelesys’ founders current work focusing on eliminating criminal enterprise in government, The Earth Plan’s Peopleisim, may be accessed here.

InfoTelesys’ founders research into science & the origin of the universe may be found here:

For some of the story behind the government assaults against Clive Boustred, see the website which also has answers as to how our governments became so utterly corrupt.