Please be advised that as a consequence of ongoing criminal assaults by government officials in the US and South Africa against the founder of InfoTelesys, Clive Boustred, InfoTelesys is unable to deliver product or services.

The original InfoTelesys website when we were launching a 91 Satellite Next-Generation Internet, Next-Generation Banking & Trading & Real Estate, may be accessed here: InfoTelesys the Space Age Internet

The follow on InfoTelesys website where InfoTelesys developed tablet computers for education my be accessed here: InfoTelesys Educational Computers

The website with InfoTelesys’ founders work on education may be accessed here. Get iT Ed Next-Gen Education

InfoTelesys’ founders current work focusing on eliminating criminal enterprise in government, The Earth Plan’s Peopleisim, may be accessed here.

InfoTelesys’ founders research into science & the origin of the universe may be found here:

For some of the story behind the multiple violent government assaults against Clive, see the website which also has answers as to how our governments became so utterly corrupt.

After recognizing the courts, police & government in the United States of America are totally corrupt criminal enteprises, Clive established CopperCards to help Americans learn and stand up for their legal rights.

InfoTelesys sued the government for the outrageous crimes committed against Clive which wiped out the company. The InfoTelesys Lawsuit against criminals in the government in California & United States. InfoTelesys & Clive won the lawsuit as a matter of default because the accused in government did not answer the suit. However, the US Courts are totally and utterly corrupt and simply unlawfully dismissed the three lawsuits Clive brought against them.  Clive was unlawfully evicted from his estate home in Santa Cruz California & ordered to never communicate with his chidren by one of the primary defendants in the InfoTelesys lawsuit on the very day that criminal, Commissioner Irwin Joseph, filed to unlawfully get the InfoTelesys lawsuit dismissed. Another primary defendant in the InfoTelesys lawsuit and the filthy criminal who originally ordered Clive not communicate with his children after the Santa Cruz Sherrifs literally attempted to murder Clive in front of his children, Michael E. Barton, then sentenced Clive to nine years in prison without a trial & Clive was forced into excile in South Africa.

As a consequence of the international Masonic Gang, in Sout Africa Clive has also been violently assaulted by criminals in the government. SARS the equivalent of the IRS in the US, literally stole all of Clive's posessions he shipped to South Africa, going as far as notifying Clive the day after Clive's father died that they were auctioning off Clive's posessions which included dosens of Clive's dead fathers paintings, in 36 hours on the day of Clive's fathers funeral. Shortly after Clive published the Universal Peopleism Constitution solutionf for the