Haris Kern

Co-Chief Executive Information Officer



As Director of Global Infrastructure at Sun Microsystems, Mr. Kern consults with leading organizations on how to establish a world-class infrastructure.  Mr. Kern’s initial challenge with Sun in 1988 was to lead the effort to implement the tools, processes and procedures to support Sun’s first 24/7 UNIX production environment.  While maintaining their legacy operation and utilizing existing personnel, he successfully transitioned Sun’s mission critical applications from a mainframe organization to a UNIX production, client/server environment.  Prior to his employment with Sun, Harris was responsible for Fujitsu’s worldwide infrastructure.  Before joining Fujitsu, he spent 10 years at GTE, Inc. as a Senior Systems Programmer and Technical Support Manager.

As a world-renowned author, IT consultant and lecturer, Mr. Kern has taught industry leaders to focus on the people, the processes and critical issues that drive successful IT organizations.  His clients include Time Warner, Inc., Nike, Standard & Poor’s, DirectTV, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Chrysler, and Fannie Mae.  In addition, he has enjoyed significant success with emerging companies by educating them on the importance of establishing a cost-effective, reliable and scalable infrastructure.  Clients have benefited both operationally and economically by employing Mr. Kern’s disciplines.  Operational improvements have resulted in a highly available infrastructure, leaving them to their rapidly growing core competencies.

Mr. Kern’s extensive industry experience is the foundation for his prowess as an author.  He literally “wrote the book” on several critical topics impacting IT operations.  His best-selling books include Rightsizing the New Enterprise, Networking the New Enterprise, Managing the New Enterprise and Building the New Enterprise.  As Publisher of Harris Kern’s Enterprise Computing Institute, a division of Prentice Hall, he is looked upon as an authority in a wide range of IT enterprise subjects.  His current series covers a wide range of titles, including the highly acclaimed titles, IT Services, IT Organization and most recently, High Availability.

Over thirty years experience in Commercial Information Technology Management including Telecommunications, Microcomputers, Mainframe, Client/Server. Recognized as a world-renown expert in implementing/managing distributed environments, lectures globally, and featured in many publications: Open Computing, Advanced Systems, ComputerWorld, UnixAsia, and other worldwide publications.


  • Industry renowned distributed data center expert

  • Best selling author

  • Publisher of named series, a division of Prentice Hall

  • World recognized lecturer and speaker


MIS Director, Director IT: Data Center and System Administration: Sun Microsystems

Established the first commercial client/server data center for a Global-2000 company, Sun Microsystems.  Directed staff of 72 people and a 14 million dollar budget. Established first UNIX production environment (operating a 24 x 7 support structure) within the data center, supporting 200+ servers, and 100+ distributed business applications. Developed standards, processes, and procedures for a UNIX production environment. Implemented the first of its kind methodology to support UNIX mission critical applications. Implemented System management tools and processes to integrate mainframe to UNIX and to operate a “lights out” data Center environment.

Established an Amdahl/Hitachi MVS/XA mainframe production environment during company conversion from HP3000. Established standards and procedures and successfully performed Disaster Recovery drills at an offsite location.

Enterprise Computing Consultant: Sun Microsystems

Supporting Sales and marketing by evangelizing the “How-to’s” of implementing and managing a distributed environment. Noted global lecturer/columnist and best-selling author.

Implemented several highly visible (CEO level) programs for the commercial marketplace. All programs resulted in revenues for Sun.  Developed and currently offer (CIO level) Workshops designed to help IT organizations get a handle on their distributed computing environments by brining all the principals together.  This program was implemented in Chrysler Corporation, Xerox, Sara Lee, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah, Time Warner Incorporated, Time Incorporated, The Weather Channel, Consolidated National Freight, 20th Century Fox, and Sony Pictures Entertainment, to name a few.

Manager, Computer Systems: Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.

Managed and directed computer operations, systems programming, networking, microcomputer support, and database administration. Converted HP3000 system facility to Amdahl 5840; data communications network and PC-to-mainframe links.

Acquired, planned and managed Codex 6030/6040 data network supporting sixteen remote Unites States and Japanese sales offices. Coordinate microcomputer systems acquisition, installation, distribution and support to remote sites (over 1000 IBM compatible PC’s); modified Fujitsu FM16 PC chips and boards to make IBM-compatible for internal use.

Senior Systems Programmer: GTE Lenkurt       

Operations Supervisor; Operations Analyst; Senior Computer Operator; Scheduler, Production Control