Howie Lyke

Co-Chief Information Officer


Mr. Lyke brings a unique blend of tactical and strategic experience in IT infrastructure management and implementation, and has more than 16 years of comprehensive IT consulting experience in the areas of distributed data center development and deployment.  He has overseen the architecture and implementation of distributed client/server data center environments for companies such as The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, Time Warner Telecom, USSB (United States Satellite Broadcasting), Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Weather Channel and Sun Microsystems.  Additionally, as an IT consulting leader, Mr. Lyke has provided and managed enterprise-size IT advisory services and enhancements for companies such as Instinet, Time Warner, Inc., Standard & Poors, 20th Century Fox, DirecTV, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Consolidated National Freight, and GE Capital.

Mr. Lyke co-founded Bluewater Technology Inc., with Ken Lee in late 1997, bringing to the company nearly two decades of comprehensive IT consulting experience in the areas of data center/infrastructure development and deployment. 

Mr. Lyke is also a noted speaker and co-author of the best-selling Prentice-Hall book, Networking the New Enterprise, 1997, and sole author of IT Automation, The Quest for “Lights Out”, 2000, part of the Harris Kern Enterprise Computing Institute series.  He is currently working on a new book due out later this year, entitled, “The New, NEW Economy’s IT Infrastructure, Pay Now or Pay Later”.



  • Industry renowned distributed data center architect and implementation expert

  • Provided distributed computing architecture and implementation services for Global-2000 enterprises

  • Author of two books in a best selling publication

  • Industry leading strategist and visionary

  • Business owner and leader

  • Lecturer and speaker

  • Significant international business experience

A.7. 3)                                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Principal: Change Technology Partners, Inc.

Responsible for establishing a core technology-focused services group for the company, and ultimately revenue.  Includes driving the business model, goals and measurements of sales and delivery, for a new organization.  Clients supported include Standard & Poors, Martin County Florida, and Sun Microsystems.

President & COO: Bluewater Information Convergence. Inc.

Responsible for the business model and corporate strategy, and the goals and measurements of sales and delivery, PR and marketing, business alliances, operations and finance, while ensuring processes for customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.  Clients supported included The Weather Channel, USSB, DirecTV, Time Warner, Inc., Standard & Poors, 20th Century Fox, DirecTV, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Consolidated National Freight, and GE Capital

Mr. Lyke is the father of Bluewater’s ICON Center, which as a data center service provider, offers a full suite of services that allow customers to cost effectively and reliably outsource their data center and network infrastructure in a 24 x 7 x 365 world-class data center environment.

VP, Delivery: R&H Associates, Inc.

Responsible for the delivery of IT infrastructure development projects for the company. At R&H, Lyke led the team that successfully developed the architecture and subsequently deployed an enterprise-wide data center for Time Warner Telecom.  Prior to that Mr. Lyke developed the data center architecture currently implemented for The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.  Other key clients included Instinet, & Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah.

SVP: Scientific Research Management Corporation

Responsible for overseeing the company’s outsourcing operations.  Key clients supported include the City of Milpitas.

Data Center Manager: Sun Microsystems

Mr. Lyke began his career at Sun Microsystems. Over his 9 years with Sun, he advanced through various positions in data center operations and became a key team member in implementing Sun’s first distributed client/server data center environment, a milestone project for the company, which was internally referred to as “Sun on Sun”.  This initiative established the first commercial client/server data center for a Global-2000 company, Sun Microsystems.  Responsibilities included supporting the UNIX production environment (operating a 24 x 7 support structure) within the data center, supporting 200+ servers, and 100+ distributed business applications.  Assisted in  developing standards, processes, and procedures for a UNIX production environment, the first of its kind methodology to support UNIX mission critical applications.  Implemented System management tools and processes to integrate mainframe to UNIX and to operate a “lights out” data Center environment.