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Ken Lee (831) 476-4300


Mr. Lee founded Bluewater Technology (later named Bluewater Information Convergence) to provide businesses with both standard and custom software, system development and integration services.  The company evolved to become a data center services provider that provided a full range of IT services, ranging from helping our clients design their data center operations to building and operating complex IT infrastructures on an outsourced basis. 

During his Bluewater tenure Mr. Lee has been the lead architect, technical project manager and manager for high profile projects within the Global-2000 arena:  He is responsible for the turn-around of a high risk $4M IT client server development project that supported sales and operations (including invoicing and account & asset management) of a GE Capital finance business.  He was the lead architect and technical project manager to implement a new data center to support Time Warner Telecom’s telephony business, where he led the installation of new computer systems and applications, defined and setup the network architecture to interface network monitors across the US.  He managed the migration, installation, test and integration of large commercial computer systems into Fingerhut's new Data Center, including the first commercial installation of Oracle PDB on Sun, where he reported to the Fingerhut CIO and Sun VP and coordinated Fingerhut, Sun Engineering, SunPS, Oracle and Veritas to solve problems associated with leading edge products.  Recently, Mr. Lee has been intricately involved with the development of real monetary systems as the lead technical representative and IT architect for Virtual 

Mr. Lee enjoys a rich background of employment for brand name companies, always in the lead technology arena:  He managed a program to develop system and database specifications for 3M Company's Global Technical Information System (GTIS).  He managed a $2.2M budget at Honeywell to design and implement a wide area network to support an MIS program.  He managed an effort to specify and implement the first ada development environment at Honeywell Commercial Flight Systems.  During 3M's acquisition of a UNIX-based software company, he managed a turn-around of the company by making the product technically manageable and supportable.  And he technically led prototype development projects for next generation user interfaces to support Medtronic's pacemaker programmers.


  • Pioneering experience with conceiving and developing monetary systems based on tying the currency’s purchasing power to inflation.
  • Excellent communication, planning, coordination and organization skills.  Troubleshooter, facilitator and mentor that people like to come to.  Understand that relationships get the job done.
  • Experienced with IEEE design and test standards as well as Mil-Std design specification standards for writing system requirements, software specifications and test plans.  Created database designs and data flow diagrams for information storage using object oriented techniques.
  • Designed, installed and maintained client/server computer LAN/WANs integrating Windows, DOS, Mac, and unix PCs with mainframes and network services.  Experienced with a wide variety of mainframes and PCs used in both the IT market and engineering market.
  • Developed both application software and embedded systems using Solaris, Unix System V (X-Windows), ISC 386/ix, Xenix, VMS, MS-DOS, OS/2 (Presentation Manager), C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, COBOL, SCOBOL, BASIC, Ada and various assembly languages.
  • Business owner and leader


 Principal: Change Technology Partners, Inc.

Responsible for establishing the strategic alliances and delivery strategies between the interdisciplinary technology groups that make up Change partners.

CEO: Bluewater Information Convergence. Inc.

Responsible for the corporate strategy, and the goals and measurements of the company, as well as the technical strategies employed.  Clients supported included The Weather Channel, USSB, DirecTV, Time Warner, Inc., Standard & Poors, 20th Century Fox, DirecTV, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Consolidated National Freight, and GE Capital

Founder:  Bluewater Technology

Responsible for company strategy, the goals and measurements of the company, and the delivery of all services.  Key clients included GE Capital, Imation, Honeywell, Sun Microsystems, and 3M.

Senior Software Engineer: 3M Company

Responsible for key integration projects.

Project Engineer: Airplan

Responsible for key integration projects.

Design Engineer, Systems Engineer, Software Engineer: Honeywell

Responsible for key integration projects.

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