Michael E. Novak

Asia Pacific Chief Operating Officer & International Ambassador,
InfoTelesys, Inc.

Japan: +81 (-903) -234-5645
U.S.A. (831) 476-4300


Mr. Novak brings considerable international experience in information technology, satellite communications, intercultural and multilingual communications, and international development to the InfoTelesys management team.

Beginning his career with a 20 year history of successful information technology experience in Silicon Valley, Mr. Novak co-founded Ross Systems and managed its field operations as Executive Vice President, and later assisted in the launching of Documentum corporation. He also directed the multimedia efforts at Walker Interactive, and began his IT career with Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting.

Building on that success, Mr. Novak has worked almost exclusively in the international sector for the last decade. As an international IT consultant he has assisted companies like Hitachi and Fujitsu with their investment strategies in the US, as well as helping to bring leading IT companies like PeopleSoft to Japan. He also led Sterling Software's efforts in Asia as their Asia Pacific Vice President.

He also served as President of Clarke Consulting Group, then the country's major intercultural consulting company. At Clarke he managed the company as it addressed the globalization challenges faced by companies such as AT&T and Motorola in China; Microsoft, Intel, and Proctor & Gamble in Japan; and NASA for the space station collaboration with the Russian Space Agency and Japan's NASDA. Work included joint venture assistance, technology transfer facilitation, expatriate orientation, and headquarters/ subsidiary alignment issues.

He has also maintained a commitment to the non-profit and NGO community throughout his career. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of Equal Access and Equal Access-Japan. Equal Access is a strategic partner of the UNDP in addressing the issue of the global digital divide, and also collaborates closely with the European Union, the Japanese government, USAID, and the World Bank in addressing the use of IT with issues like AIDS education and the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Mr. Novak has also dedicated a significant portion of his time to the State of the World Forum, where he has been a member of its President's Council. This organization was founded by Mr. Gorbachev and lists 6 Nobel Peace Prize winners as co-chairs. He also served on the development committee of KQED, one of the largest PBS stations in the US.


  • Successful track record of building excellent global teams

  • Proven ability to successfully deal with international governmental organizations and in sensibly reconciling complex political situations on a global basis

  • Proven start-up experience in Silicon Valley

  • Management of high technology software applications in 25 languages simultaneously

  • Ability to modify business practices to local situations globally

  • Management experience in television, multimedia, software, and satellite industries


Board member ­ Equal Access
Mr. Novak has participated in this non-governmental organization since its launch over two years ago. Equal Access is recognized as a leader in the use of satellite technology to provide information and education to the developing world. Mr. Novak has been involved in almost all aspects of the organization. He has also spearheaded the organization's entry into Japan, attracted some of Japan's top leaders to the organization as advisors, and worked closely with the Foreign Ministry in coordinating the efforts of Equal Access with that of the Japanese government.

Senior Fellow ­ Japan Management Association and Advisor - Japan Management Consulting Association
Mr. Novak was the first non-Japanese to have the role of Kyakuin Kenkyuin, or senior fellow, in JMA's history, advising the organization in the areas of knowledge management and global business practices. Mr. Novak also consults to the 120,000 member strong JMCA association in various international business areas.

Asia Pacific Vice President ­ Sterling Software
Attracted one of the top Japan IT leaders to this organization. With 55% of its revenues generated internationally, educated top management in the use of best global business practices, particularly during the difficult Asia financial crisis of 1998.

Chief Operating Officer ­ International Language Engineering
Managed 150 staff and 700 translator contractors in using leading edge technology to simultaneously translate US software into as many as 25 other languages. Introduced use of document management technology to streamline business workflow.

President ­ Clarke Consulting Group
Managed a group of 55 international experts to bring intercultural communications best practices to many of the top corporations in the US, Japan, China, Russia, and Korea. Instituted sales accountability into the organization. Launched public relations efforts to both press and customers. Streamlined various business procedures through the use of IT.

Director ­ Walker Interactive
Brought leading edge multimedia-based training and document management technology and products to this mainframe-oriented software organization. Multimedia products were recognized as finalists in national magazine competition and as success stories by vendors.

Co-Founder, Executive Vice president ­ Ross Systems
Helped to grow this organization into a leader in VAX-based software. Responsible for the field operations of the company, managing the sales, consulting, and customer-support functions of the company.


  • BBA and MBA from the University of Michigan

  • California CPA

  • Member of Mensa.