ITISP™ - InfoTelesys Internet Service Provider

The Ultimate Business Opportunity?

Now you too can get into the Communications Industry.  With InfoTelesys, you will be able to set up your own highly advanced communications services.

Have you got entrepreneurial tendencies? ...or...Have you ever grumbled that you "could do it better" than your local Internet and cable television access companies? If so, InfoTelesys' ITISP™ Program is the business opportunity that will set your creative intelligence on fire.

Prior to the establishment of InfoTelesys' revolutionary ITISP Program, it has never been reasonably possible, let alone convenient, easy or remotely financially feasible for the average citizen to deploy communications and  media solutions in your very own neighborhood. Now, the ITISP™ Program provides you with a strikingly simple means to bypass the bureaucracy and ivory towers of the communications and media giants who have ripped you and your neighbors off for years. Now you can become an independent ITISP™ supplying on-demand DVD quality broadcast media and entertainment of unprecedented quality and performance to your entire neighborhood, office complex, rural community, or other regional group.

For a surprisingly small deposit and monthly fee you can set up your own communications and media company. Don't stop there though, you can integrate and sell many additional services and options that are integrated through the ITISP program. From integrated video-surveillance for frail care or security to integrated voice and video communications and online storefronts. "The sky is not the limit™".

30 or more of your customers can watch different DVD quality channels off a single IT Server™.  A single IT Server™ could provide e-mail and Internet access for up to 1,024 individual PCs or IT Sets™. (Generally, subscriber groups will want to access both broadcast and Internet media, so your subscribers' usage will probably constitute some varying combination of broadcast and Internet services, and the maximum number of users that you can service at any given time will consequently vary between 30 and 300 concurrent users) "Safety" mechanisms are built into the system, in order to prevent overloaded servers from allowing access to more users/devices than the system can handle, ensuring that subscribers who are watching a movie, for example, will always receive a full DVD quality broadcast, and will not have their reception degraded by a sudden surge of movie-watchers or Internet surfers. How many connections and how much hardware is required to service any given group will be determined by that group's ITISP™ through assessment of the group's unique usage patterns.  In this way, ITISP™ create access packages that are customized and optimized to a degree that could not economically be offered by any major communications service provider.

Subscribers within a group receive Internet and broadcast reception through the group's central IT Server™ (housed by the group's ITISP™), by running easily-connected RJ-45-terminated cables or simple plug in fiber cables along (or above) the ground between their homes and the IT Server™ or a linked IT Hub™ or interconnected wirelessly with the InfoTelesys BTAC and DTAC antennas or IT WiFi.

A network of small, lightweight IT Hubs™ serve to amplify and distribute signals between individual homes, and between separate devices within each individual's home, at a spacing separation of up to 100 meters (up to roughly the length of an average suburban street). Inaccessible easements, such as a public road or the private land of a person who doesn't want their property touched by the network, can be "crossed" via a wireless transmitting and receiving unit that currently provides a slower access speed than InfoTelesys' cabled connections (11 to 50 Mbps for a wireless connection--which will support one to eight DVD quality sessions, as opposed to 200-1000 Mbps for a cabled connection which support up to and over 30 DVD sessions). Wireless access will soon be improved to 155-400 Mbps, making it fully comparable with the service provided by a cabled connection. Even faster access speeds, in excess of 1000 Mbps, may also be enabled soon, through the application of laser technology.

The innovative IT-I2™ customizable network design allows neighborhoods, office complexes, and other cooperative regional communities, as well as individuals who live in previously-inaccessible areas, to escape the negative aspects of overly-centralized mega-service providers, and to provide themselves with a unique package of broadcast and Internet services that suits their own unique preferences.

In addition to providing truly revolutionary business opportunities for individuals, families, and small businesses who live and operate in all nations, the ITISP™ Franchise offers a program through which InfoTelesys' hardware is routinely upgraded, as improved hardware is produced, and the outdated hardware is distributed to financially underprivileged communities. In this way, InfoTelesys provides an avenue to enable all people, of virtually all economic levels, to access to this next generation avenue for global intercommunication, education, and prosperity--a solution, and a business, that benefits us all!

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