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The InfoTelesys Sales Associate Program


The InfoTelesys Sales Associate Program provides dynamic opportunity to grow income for talented and ethical sales professionals. With the hottest products on the market at the most competitive prices, it is hard to go wrong.  The ITSA Program pays commission on a sliding scale based on volume and margin.

What's Required

IT Sales Associates need to know fundamental details and use of the InfoTelesys products they sell. InfoTelesys will be providing ongoing training for our ITSA's to give them the competitive edge and know-how to succeed.

How It Works

You or your customer simply enters your InfoTelesys email address on the online order form.  The total sales you accomplish in a month multiplied by a geared margin ratio that increases your return with full price deals and increases the percent of commission you receive with larger sales volume.

Commission Geared On Volume and Margin

It is important to note that some of the InfoTelesys verticals such as Get IT Ed operate on a not-for-profit basis, and InfoTelesys supports these Public Benefit Organizations by providing technology at high discounts often at and sometimes even below cost, naturally in these not-for-profit deals there is no margin to pay commission.  However, Get IT Biz who sells promotes and supports our product in the business field, or Get IT Med who markets to the medical field, generate large profit margins which carry with them the large commission checks.
InfoTelesys’ compensation committee governs the gearing and commission sales.

Benefits & Rewards

Effective Sales Associates can make substantial financial returns, furthermore as InfoTelesys Contractors you are also eligible for the InfoTelesys BOS stock plan.  The BOS plan creates a strong incentive by rewarding achievers.  If you pass the muster you will be filled in on this exciting opportunity.

How To Apply

Interested candidates should send their Resume or CV to opportunity@infotelesys.com or fil out THIS Online Form.
Make sure to sell us on your sales skills.  Long drawn out dossiers won’t gain much attention, we are exceptionally busy.  If you sell us on your skills we will send you the InfoTelesys Contractor Agreements and Handbook and a formal offer letter.  When you return the signed agreements we assign you an InfoTelesys email address and you are on your way.