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IT Hub

The IT Hub connects your IT Server to your iT Set's and PC's, servers and Internet at 1,000 bps or 1 Gps, sufficient to sustain multiple HDTV and DVD streams. The maximum range from your devices to the IT Hub is 300 m.


IT Extender

The IT Extender allow you to extend a local IT Hub network in jumps of 100m

IT BTAC - Broadcast Transmitter Antenna Couple

InfoTelesys OEM's and integrates 3rd party 802.11 b, g and n WiFi platforms for deployment in the IT-I2 Network. Best of breed platforms offering reliable cost-effective performance are selected and branded by InfoTelesys.

More than meets the eye is necessary in selecting WiFi products. Often lower powered units or units where the transmit power can be tuned are preferable to powerful units as the lower power units allow smaller WiFi cell size and consequentially higher throughput in a geographic region. Unfortunately governments have not allocated sufficient open WiFi spectrum to support the untra-high performance InfoTelesys demands and expects. Look to the InfoTelesys DTAC space for high-powered solutions to deliver on-demand DVD and HDTV networks.

IT Sat

Deployment of the InfoTelesys Satelite IT Sat network through the InfoTelesys Get IT Sat division has been delayed for a number of reasons, first of which was a consequence of violent assault from government in the United States. While the government in the US is clearly an international terrorist problem, this issue, we believe, will pass (as do all tyrannies). It should be noted that InfoTelesys sued and won three lawsuits against the US Government, however, the US Government does not follow any law other than what suits them. It remains unknown if InfoTelesys can collect on the multi billion dollar lawsuits.

InfoTelesys has moved development operations out of the US as a consequence and is now able to progress with development and deployment.

Further issues delaying the deployment of the IT Sat network is the orbiting of Comet Elen around our sun. The concern being the Comet will cause significant solar flares that can destroy satellites. The issues relating to Comet Elen, which some suggest is Planet X or Nibiru, should be out of the way by 2014.


IT DTAC - Directional Transmitter Antenna Couple

InfoTelesys has developed DTAC V1, an advanced phased array antenna capable of tracking LEO satellites. The ongoing development of the IT Sat platform will be integrated with ongoing DTAC development. Additional terrestrial DTAC antenna development at InfoTelesys is ongoing.