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iT Set

The iT Set is one of the primary tools used to interact with your rich-media environment. These advanced touch-pad computers offer a new level of ease of use coupled with sophisticated and advanced media that sets it apart from what you experienced in the old world of computers and TV. With a simple point and touch interface, anyone is productive in moments. Designed to go anywhere the iT Set is your companion on the road, in the office, school and at home. The different iT Set's offer features and options designed to meet different demanding applications. Whether you are looking for long battery life, HDMI TV interfaces, high performance, robust system specific functions such as use in the medical field or low cost efficiency for schools, InfoTelesys has an iT Set that will meet your demands and expectations.

iT Set's run a robust UNIX open operating system implementation called Android. UNIX is the world's foremost operating system chosen by super-computer, server and workstation manufacturers such as Cray Computers, Sun Microsystems, HP, IBM and many others. Google, the developer of the Android Operating System provides backing from one of the world's largest and most successful companies. With around one hundred thousand software applications available for your iT Set, it unlikely you wont' be able to do whatever you want. Best of all, many of the applications available for your iT Set are free! .. Learn More...


IT Book

The IT Book offers a non-networked digital media platform that allows you to enjoy most forms of rich media. From running vivid color video, reading e-books, looking at photographs or listening to music. Rich digital media can be transferred to your IT Book via SD Chips or by connecting your IT Book with it's USB cable to your PC.

IT Phone

The IT Phone provides all the features of the iT Set with an integral SIM card. Some IT Phone models also provide an integrate GPS.

IT Theater

For home theaters or auditoriums, the IT Theater projects large screen images anywhere from two meter screens to six meter theaters and larger.

IT Window

Your IT Window provides you a large screen display for your iT Set or PC.