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IT Server

Place an IT Server in your home, school or business to bypassing old-fashioned networks, giving you wide band, super fast access through IT-I2™ to digital multimedia content, including DVD quality video and Web content, We are the last mile™

A single IT Server™ can support multiple users.  Everyone can now watch what they want when they want "in your time, not their time™"

The IT Server™ forms the foundation of the IT-I2™ ground segment.  You can connect an iT Set™ or PC to the IT Server™ through an IT Line™ or IT WiFi.

An IT Line is a simple plug-in cable that connects your iT Set™ or PC's to an IT Hub and IT Servers.

Your IT Server™ connects to the outside world either via standard Internet connection or the future advanced InfoTelesys DTAC™ (Directional Transmitter Antenna Couple). DTACt connects you to the future IT-I2™ galactic armada of IT Sats™ - The InfoTelesys satellites that circle the globe and bring the reality of true wideband global communications to every home, business, and neighborhood.

You can connect as many as 30 or more  iT Set's™ and PCs to a single IT Server™ creating your own private theater complex, or a network for your business, school or neighborhood.

The IT Server™ is the "last mile". IT sits in your home or business, giving you wide band, super fast access to digital multimedia content, on your time schedule, on your demand.

Once connected, all you have to do is turn IT on.  InfoTelesys takes care of the system for you.  InfoTelesys even services your iT Sets!™  No more constant upgrade nightmares--you can have the latest software and hardware all the time.  At last, you can stop trying to be a PC mechanic and focus on whatever activity you do best.

You can use your iT Set™ in the same way that you would use a PC connected to the old fashioned Internet.  The main difference that you will recognize immediately is speed, and the whole new visual interface that we can deliver over IT-I2™.

IT Servers™ come in different sizes, or levels, which determine how many iT Sets™ you can connect, and how many DVD Quality Videos you can run at the same time.  You can also choose to have more capacity on your IT Server,™ in order to support more content.  The IT Server™ can be setup in almost any dry, room-temperature (5° to 40°C) location that has power.  You can even put your IT Server™ in a ventilated closet, or basement.

As with all technology, InfoTelesys is constantly working on building better, faster, and lower-priced systems. InfoTelesys will shortly be releasing new suite of IT Server Models.

Now you, too, can get into The Next Internet,™ by setting up an IT Server™ in your home, school or business. You can also sell access to your neighbors - see the IT Franchise section to learn more about how you can become an ITSP™ (InfoTelesys Service Provider).

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