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iT Set V18

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When it gets to High-Definition video, the iT Set V18 leaves almost everything in the dust. The dual-core Central Processing Unit integrated with an advanced Graphics Processing Unit delivers astonishing crystal-clear High-Definition dual stream 1080p at 2160p video through the integrated HDMI port, delivering an image you will be proud of. Connect your iT Set V18 to a large HDMI TV or projector and outdo the wealthiest connoisseur's expensive multimedia theater.

As powerful as many desktop computers in a package you can put in your pants, the iT Set V18 is no light-weight when it comes to performance & features. Connect a regular USB keyboard and mouse to turn your iT Set V18 into a desktop computer. Run both the latest Android 4.0 operating system from Google or add full-bore Ubuntu Unix to turn your iT Set V18 into a full-scale workstation. While weight-wise this iT Set is in the slim class, this baby packs a punch that will knock out heavy-weights that cost a fortune.

Driving new heights in price/performance, the iT Set V18 offers you the whole apple in an industry leading fully integrated system. IT's really not an apples to apples comparison between the InfoTelesys iT Set V18 and the iPad 3; the iT Set's got iT all. As with all the InfoTelesys iT Set Family, the iT Set V18's is fully equipped with on-board micro-SD, high-speed USB and WiFi at no extra cost or hassle. With InfoTelesys you are also not locked into wireless providers Apple cuts deals with; make your own choice and use low-cost supported USB modems if you don't have WiFi. On top of that, your iT Set's on-board HDMI port projects your best image at the highest quality and resolution, delivering real results with powerful performance. iT's crystal-clear, InfoTelesys eats Apple to the core

iT's all here, all inclusive, no need for clumsy expensive adapters, with InfoTelesys you've got iT all. Get iT, and be the envy of the office or school.

Enjoy this exciting ultra-high-definition ride with InfoTelesys that you can fit in your pocket, without emptying it. You won’t be disappointed with the iT Set V18. We can't say the same for those fooled by talking snakes into paying way more for way less; rotten apples to them! Haha... Who says we can't be distinguished decision-makers without having a little chuckle along the way?

After all, is not intelligence reflected in the tools we choose?

InfoTelesys, the Intelligent decision™
This is iT™; InfoTelesys, The Next Internet™

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Printable iT Set V189 Technical Specifications



Android 4.0 Multitasking Unix implementation – browse internet, read books & listen to music simultaneously


4GB on-board + up to 32GB mocro SD slot + USB Disks


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex A8 + Mali 400 GPU; 1.2GHz; 512MB cache; 4GB flash


7inch 800*480 multi-point high-res capacitive


3,000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery. 5V Charger


Speaker; 3.5mm audio jack; Built in mike

Size / Wt

212mm ×156mm x 12mm / 470g

Peripheral Support

HOST 1.1 mode mini USB 2.0 high speed port: flash/keyboard/mouse/camera etc.

Video & Audio.

HD 480P to HD 2160P, 3D Movies, Flash 10.3, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV9, MPEG4-SP, DIVX,H.263,H.264,RMVB, WMA,MP3,WAV,OOG,AAC,EAAC, etc. Voice Recognition.
mini HDMI 1.3 TV Port up to 2160P + 3D; earphones included.


Front 0.3MP


System microphone MP3, WAV


HTML5, Epub pdf word doc html xml xls ppt etc.




~300,000 applications. Games, productivity, browsers, MS Office compatible, video, music, email, organizers, CAD etc.


English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, German, Chinese etc.


Printable Specs

Note product specifications can vary depending on component availability and other factors. Prices exclude vat.