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One of our first favorites and the lowest cost iT Set. The iT Set V5 has a special something about IT. While it slips smoothly into your pocket, it's performance is what will keep this advanced toolset one of your favorite's too. With a 4000 mAh battery, the iT Set V5 will give you optimal standby and active use whether you are watching video's or browsing the net.

Full Unix Computer. Android 2.2 – Multitasking Unix implementation – browse internet, read books & listen to music simultaneously

Note the iT Set V5 will be replaced by a new version of the iT Set V6

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Printable iT Set V5 Technical Specifications

Operating System

Android 2.1 – Multitasking Unix implementation – browse internet, read books & listen to music simultaneously


4GB onboard + up to 32GB mocro SD slot + USB Disks


WiFi 802.11 b/g; SWL-2480(Marvell 8686), RALINK3070, ATHEROS6102


RK2818 256MB DDR II + ARM926 + DSP


155 x 88 mm WVGA 800*480, 16 million colors, 16:9 aspect ration, 4 line high accuracy super resistive touch screen


Lithium Polymer 4,000 MAh 7.4V. Movie (headphones) ~4hrs; Music ~15hrs (black screen); E-book ~5hrs


Small-sized charger socket, DC9V input 2A


>90dB Speaker; 3.5mm earphone, built in mike

Size / Wt

195mm x 120 mm X 12mm / 220g


<27 Degree

Peripheral Support

Regular HOST mode and mini USB 2.0 high speed ports: USB Hard Drive, USB Digital Camera etc. driver dependant

Video & Audio Stds.

MP3 MP4 MPEG4 WMA APE FLAC AAC OGG AC3 WAV AVI RM/RMVB FLV WMV9. Up to 1920X1080, 30Mb code stream; Max.1280*720 MKV(H.264 HP)


System microphone MP3, WAV


Epub; pdf; word,.doc, html, xml, xls, etc.


Support Max.8,000 x 8,000 pixels, JPEG BMP GIF PNG


~100,000 applications. Games, productivity, browsers, MS Office compatible, video, music, email, organizers, CAD etc.


English, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Italian, French, German, Chinese etc.


Note product specifications can vary depending on component availability and other factors.