InfoTelesys Announces the UnixiT iT Set Tablet Computer

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Information Technology provides a virtual world without borders. Proving digital technology and it's design and development, is truly transportable. It is no longer “who you know”, or “where you are”, iT's “what you know” that really counts.

Noting comes close to the advanced features of the InfoTelesys UnixiT™ iT Set V21 tablet computer developed out of the Western Province in the fair Cape of South African. A first for the continent of Africa.

Setting a new standard, InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set offers users a platform that is galaxies ahead of Samsung & eats Apple to the Core. Delivering not only the convenience of the worlds top tablet computer, the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set V21 has the features of an advanced workstation packaged in a high-quality ergonomic and flexible tablet computer design.

The dual Android & UnixiT Operating Systems on the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set bring around half a million Android tablet applications in addition to some of the worlds most advanced heavy duty Unix Applications such as OpenOffice or Qt Designer, to the iT Set user, without them having to spending a cent more. Desktop computers can't offer the same full-feature functionality!

UnixiT show below running Oracle OpenOffice Impress:


The 1.6GHz dual-core 3066 Rockchip Central Processing Unit (CPU) & quad-core GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in in the iT Set V21, offers some of the most powerful processing power available in a tablet form. The iT Set V21's 6,600 mAh battery is nearly twice the capacity found on competing tablets.

With the 32GB SD expansion slot, users memory is not limited, simply pop in another SD chip to capture more video or data. Alternatively, it is possible to connect a USB memory stick or attached a huge terabyte disk drive to the iT Set. Tablet computer users are no longer limited to 64GB offered in the very expensive high-end offerings on Apple's iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

Add a keyboard & mouse to the iT Set to turn it into a note-book killer; any standard USB keyboard and mouse works, even the wireless ones.

Connect a 1920x1080p High-Definition TV or projector to the integrated on-board HDMI port for any size monitor or screen.

Good news for consumers. InfoTelesys does not locked their customers into wireless providers like Apple & Samsung do. Consumers can make their own choice and get the best deal on low-cost supported standard 3G or 4G USB modems from any standards compliant wireless provider. Naturally the iT Set incorporates high speed 802.11 b,g and n WiFI connectivity, offering up to 300 mbps dual channel free WiFi connectivity.

iT's really not an apples to apples comparison between the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set V21 & other tablets, the iT Set's got iT all & way more. Unlike the competition, iT comes fully loaded & iT's a breeze to expand & integrate. Simply plug it into a PC to transfer files to the iT Set using the standard Windows File Manager.

With InfoTelesys, there is no need to purchase expensive clumsy adapters or get stung with expensive clumsy expansion options

However, when it comes to the software available on the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set, there is a vast and significant difference setting the iT Set apart form competing tablets. Business men, scientists, analysts and students will really appreciated now being able to run work-station class Unix applications on their iT Set tablet. While the half a million Android applications available on the iT Set is impressive, the type of applications available on the iT Set UnixiT Operating System are significantly more advanced & also mostly free. Advanced Office Automation products such as OpenOffice which offers the same features and full functionality as the expensive Microsoft Office product, are available on the UnixiT iT Set at no additional cost. You can even use high-end software development products such as Qt Designer on UnixiT.

The array of both tablet and work-station applications available on the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set is truly astonishing. There are advanced translators allowing you to speak one language into the iT Set, translate your voice to another language and the iT Set speaks out the foreign language. Imagine what this means for travel. For example, iT Set opened up opportunities for a South African university honours student to take up an internship in Congo despite having no ability to speak French. Translation of most languages are available on the iT Set, however, while the iT Set speaks most languages, the units do not yet speak Chinese or Xhosa. In time these too will be available.

Consider that anyone who owns an iT Set can download and install a huge array of musical instruments on their iT Set, most of which are free. The iT Set turns into a piano, along with a black and white touch screen keyboard. The drum kits available on the iT Set are truly astonishing, consider the fact that a drummer on the iT Set has use of all their fingers, iT's like the drummer now has five or ten drumsticks! Synthesizers, turntables, xylophones, guitars and every imaginable instrument and ones you never would have imagined, are available on the InfoTelesys iT Set. iT's truly an entirely new world.

Consider the ridiculous book crisis many schools have is now a thing of the past, except obviously for those schools that don't “get it”. Any learner who has an iT Set not only has access to millions of free books, they have access to the worlds best and most advanced curriculum from open universities such as the world renowned Massachusetts University of Technology. MIT's Opencourseware offers their entire curriculum and video recordings of the lectures to any learner with an iT Set and Internet access for free!

Consider the Khan Academy, which offers a complete standard one to twelve curriculum and lessons in digital form for free that will fit on a single 32GB SD chip any learner or teacher can pop into an iT Set V21 and share with the whole class. Yes, the iT Set V21 can also be turned into a web server! This means that schools, teachers and parents who have access to Internet can provide learners access to anything and everything even if the school or learner does not have Internet access!

When it comes to education, frankly should anyone in administration that does not get it, be fired? Consider, where the worlds leading experts in every field gather once a year an share their findings and knowledge, all freely available to any learner equipped with an iT Set. Or consider Wikibooks, a Wikimedia community creating a free library of educational textbooks that teachers around the world keep up to date. Project Gutenberg offers more than 40,000 free classic books, all for free.

If you are a learner, teacher or administer schools or universities visit InfoTelesys' not-for-profit education group Get iT Ed and our Partners page for links to the many free educational resources available on the iT Set: Developer

Show opposite the advanced Unix based Qt Developer software development tool running on UnixiT:

UnixiT mounts user files on the Android Operating System so users can seamlessly share the files and directories between the two Operating Systems. This allows users to take pictures using one of the many Android camera applications and then, for example, import and edit them in OpenOffice Draw on UnixiT.

There are some caveats, UnixiT applications do not yet fully integrate with the audio or camera features of the iT Set, however, there are advanced Android applications which frankly do a better job of utilizing these features, largely negating the need for such integration. InfoTelesys will in the future integrate these added hardware features into UnixiT. Other considerations are that UnixiT is largely designed to operate with the use of a mouse. While it is easy to attach a mouse to the iT Set, often, especially while travelling, one does not want the hassles of a mouse. It is still possible to use all the features on UnixiT with the touch screen, for some users it just takes a little getting used to.

Recognize also that while the CPU InfoTelesys is utilizing in the iT Set V21 is one of the fastest tablet CPU's on the market, operating at 1.6GHz with 1GB ram and 16GB flash, the performance naturally will not match a 3.4GHz workstation with 4GB ram. Watch InfoTelesys' website, the company continually innovates and is often as much as a decade or more ahead of the competition; in the computer industry, that's way, way ahead.

From a business and educational perspective, UnixiT offers a new level of flexibility and robustness not previously available at an operating system level. It is possible to simply copy a UnixiT image to the iT Set and also easily back up the entire image. Businesses and educators can create custom and different UnixiT images containing different applications and content that can be easily replicated at no cost and and simply copied to the iT Set. A business could for example create a UnixiT image for sales reps, one for accountants, one for store keepers. Like wise schools and universities can also easily create different UnixiT images for different disciplines and class levels. Installing or recovering the UnixiT environment on an iT Set is as simple as copy and paste.

The InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set delivers real results with outstanding features. InfoTelesys users are turning their iT Set's into a power-house high-end multimedia workstations that put their best image forward to make iT happen!

With InfoTelesys' UnixiT iT Set, there are few limitations and no compromise, iT's all there, all inclusive. With InfoTelesys users get iT all. InfoTelesys UnixiT, an exciting new high-performance full-feature ride anyone will enjoy.

With InfoTelesys, the sky is not the limit
InfoTelesys, the Intelligent decision
This is iT; InfoTelesys, The Next Internet

One year limited South African Warranty. Priding can be impacted by exchange rates.
Product specifications can vary depending on component availability and other factors

Click Here For Detailed Technical Specs for the UnixiT iT Set V21