Worlds Most Advanced Tablet Computer

Silicon Cape, Western Province, South Africa

InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set V21 tablet computer,
Designed & Develops in the Silicon Cape, Western Province, South African,
Now The Worlds Most Advanced Commercially Available Tablet Computer.

The InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set running both Android AND Unix offering users unprecedented flexibility incorporating around half a million Android applications in addition to advanced Unix work-station applications such as Oracle OpenOffice, Qt Designer, etc.

InfoTelesys iT Set users now have the flexibility of a tablet computer coupled with advanced desktop software, most of which is available at no additional cost.  The impact on both business and educational markets is significant as the UnixiT iT Set eliminates most if not all the typical limitations of tablet computers.

Nothing comes close to the advanced features of the InfoTelesys UnixiT™ iT Set V21 tablet computer.  Not only offering unprecedented software functionality, the iT Set comes fully loaded, is simply integrated and easily expanded.  A tablet computer without limitations or the need for expensive clumsy adapters.

Simply pop in standard SD chips to expand the memory, or even add USB memory sticks or a terabyte USB disk drive.

To project your best image, connect a projector or High-Definition HDMI TV to the integrated on-board HDMI port.  To transfer files from a PC simply plug the iT Set into the PC's USB port and copy and paste files like you do to a USB memory stick.  You can even connect a regular USB mouse and keyboard and turn the tablet into a desktop workstation.

Utilizing one of the industries fastest multi-core processors and packing nearly double the battery capacity found on the iPad and significantly more than on the Galaxy, there really is no comparison, the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set eats Apple to the core and is galaxies ahead of Samsung.

What's also interesting from a "virtual world" perspective, in regard to this new tablet leader, is that it was designed and developed out of Silicon Cape, South Africa, a first for the African Continent.

For detailed specification and to learn more visit the InfoTelesys website or email info@infotelesys.com

Detailed Write up:
- http://infotelesys.com/product/itset/UnixiTiTSetV21/InfoTelesysUnixiT.html
Technical Specifications:
- http://infotelesys.com/product/itset/UnixiTiTSetV21/index.html

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