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iT Set How To

Trouble Shooting

Can’t Turn On

All iT Set’s

  1. The battery may be flat.
  2. Connect plug system into proper power supply.
  3. Make sure the wall plug is switched on.
  4. The power/charging light should come on:
    1. IT Set V5 = Red light on the charger.
    2. IT Set V6 & V7  = Light on the IT Set shows the unit is charging.
  5. If the battery was flat the system will start charging and reboot.

All iT Set’s
1. The system may have frozen see System Freezes

iT Set V7

  1. The Power Lock may be switched to the off position.
  2. Slide the Power Lock Lever down to the ON position.

All iT Set’s

  1. If none of the above solutions work, take your system to your retailer where you bought your iT Set or contact your InfoTelesys Sales Associate.
  2. If neither your retailer or Sales Associate can help.  Send an email to support@infotelesys.com with the information listed below, our support staff will assist you according to the standard sales terms (you will not be charged for support if there is a mechanical failure of your iT Set.  If you do not have internet access the retailer or Sales Associate who sold you your iT Set will send the email for you)
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your email address (Very Important)
    3. Your email address (Type it twice to make sure it’s correct)
    4. Your full telephone number
    5. The Country you are based in
    6. The State or Province you are based in.
    7. The City / Town you are based in.
    8. Your Street Address
    9. Your Address’ Zip Code.
    10. Where you purchased your iT Set.
    11. The name of the sales person who sold you the iT Set (if you know it)
    12. The email address of the sales person who sold you the iT Set (if you know it)
    13. The date you purchased your iT Set.
    14. A short description of your problem.
    15. Steps you have taken to resolve the problem.

Can’t Turn Off

All iT Set’s
Some applications will freeze the system.  See the section on System Freezes

Slow Performance

Your iT Set is designed to perform according to a base application guideline related to an economically designed and integrated hardware platform.  The iT Set supports a multitasking operating system, which means that it is possible to run multiple tasks simultaneously.  There is no limit on the number of tasks you can run simultaneously, other than the physical constraints of your hardware which consists of the maximum theoretical addressable space of 32 bit processors, RAM, FLASH Memory, SD chips, USB disks and peripherals.
The simple bottom line is that certain applications can over task your system, they can hammer the performance.  You can take active measures to ensure your system performs smoothly with fast response rates. Naturally dependant on the type of application you are running.
If the performance is slow on any menu items or applications, you may have too many applications running in the background.  Regularly run an Advanced Task Killer to shut down unnecessary applications.

# 1 Lesson On Ensuring Fast Response

Kill unnecessary background processes
To kill unnecessary background processes:

  1. Start your “Task Killer” or similar task management application.
  2. Check all the background applications you which to kill, including the Task Killer and kill them.
  3. You can setup task killers to regularly flush unwanted tasks from memory, however, the best process to not install applications that run background processes that consume unnecessary resources.

See the sections titled
Memory Leaks

System Won’t Respond or System Freezes

Some applications can freeze your system.

  1. The first thing to do when your system freezes is to press the “Return” button or icon.  This will often return you to the application your are running and allowing you to continue operations.
  2. If the Return button or icon have no effect, you can sometime touch the Home icon to get back to a home screen.
  3. From the home screen you can start your “Task Killer” and kill the application that froze the system.
  4. Note some applications do not show the Home button and the Return button has no effect. If your system refuses to respond in such a situation, there are two option:
    1. Press the reset button – which requires the insertion of a paperclip or similar thin instrument into the Reset Port on the iT Set – see the iT Set User Manual for the location of the Reset Port which is also labeled “RESET” on the system.  With the iT Set V7 you can simply switch the Power Lock to the OFF position and then back ON to reset the system.
    2. Allow the battery to run down.  When the battery runs down the system shuts down.  When you reconnect the system to power it will reboot and the offending application will no longer be running.  Make sure you remove the application that caused the system to freeze – See the “Interfaces & Applications” of your User Manual to learn how to install and uninstall applications.

Can’t Exit Application

  1. If you cannot exit an application by pressing the “Return” button or icon, click on the home button, start a Task Killer and kill the offending application.
  2. If you cannot get to a home screen follow the procedure in the System Won’t Respond or System Freezes section.


Can’t Get Online

It is important to understand that you can setup your iT Set to automatically scan for available networks and also to shut off the wireless WiFi interface.  Shutting off the WiFi reduces the power consumption, making your battery last significantly longer.

  1. Read the “Connecting to Internet” section in your user manual – see below.
  2. Proxy Server.  If the network you are connecting to uses a proxy-server to connect to the Internet, you can follow one of the following options to connect to the Internet.
    1. Install the Opra

Proxy server settings are found in Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network
Click the "Proxy servers" button to open the proxy settings dialog.

Adding proxy servers manually

Your service provider or network administrator should have provided you with the necessary server names and port numbers. If not, please contact the appropriate party and ask them for such information.
Tick the checkboxes for the protocols you want to use a proxy for and enter the proxy server hostname or IP address in the text field to the right of the protocol name (HTTP, HTTPS...). To the right of the protocols there is a box available for the port number.

[v] HTTP [ proxy.proxyexample.com ] Port [8080]


[v] HTTP [         ] Port [8080]

These are the supported proxy protocols:

  • HTTP: for HTTP servers (ordinary Web sites)
  • HTTPS: for secure documents (use only when behind a firewall)
  • FTP: for FTP files
  • Gopher: required if you want to access gopher servers
  • WAIS: required if you want to access WAIS servers
HTTP 1.1 for proxies

Because too many proxies break when using HTTP 1.1, Opera defaults to HTTP 1.0 for proxies. If your proxy can handle HTTP 1.1 requests, you can turn on this feature from the proxy settings.

Bypassing proxy servers

The "Do not use proxy on the addresses below" field can be used to specify which servers should be accessed directly, for example because they are so close that the proxy would be a bottleneck even if it had the document stored locally. Add one server or host per line, like this:


This tells Opera that the *.opera.no domain and the www.opera.com server should be accessed directly. As the example shows, wildcards can be used. You can also separate entries by using a comma or semicolon instead of putting each one on a separate line.

Automatic proxy configuration

The address (URL) to the automatic proxyconfiguration script should be entered in the "Use automatic proxy configuration" field.


Start Menu->Settings->Connections->Connections->Set up my proxy server
type opera:config in the address bar of opera. It will give you options for setting up proxy servers.

Connecting To Internet

Your iT Set is equipped with WiFi.  Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that can provide Internet access at distances of up to 100 meters, depending on the Wi-Fi router and your surroundings.
To use Wi-Fi on your iT Set, you access a wireless access point, or “hotspot.” Some hotspots are open and you can simply connect to them. Others are hidden or implement other security features, so you must configure your iT Set so it can connect to them.
There are numerous systems for securing Wi-Fi connections, including some that rely on secure certificates or other schemes to ensure that only authorized users can connect.
To connect to the internet click the Settings application (or the Menu Button & select the Settings option).  Select the “Wireless & networks” option and make sure the Wi-Fi option is checked.
Your iT Set will automatically search for and identify and remember WiFi networks and list them on the “Wi-Fi settings” section, select this option to see what networks are available or manually add a network with the “Add Wi-Fi network” option.  You must add a Wi-Fi network to connect to it, if it does not broadcast its name (SSID)
When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, the iT Set obtains a network address and other information it needs from the network, using the DHCP protocol.
Touch a network in the list to connect to it. If the network is open, you are prompted to confirm that you want to connect to that network by touching Connect. If the network is secured, you’re prompted to enter a password or other credentials.
You will be prompted for the Network SSID and the type of security the network uses (WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK/ 802.1x Enterprise).  If you do not understand these options it is necessary to consult with the network administrator to find out how they setup the network and what the password is.
To setup your iT Set with a fixed IP address and other advanced settings, press Menu and touch Advanced and specify the parameters.
Any WiFi credentials that you entered are saved, so you are connected automatically the next time you come within range of this network if your WiFi is turned on.
The Status bar displays icons that indicate Wi-Fi status.
 Connected to a Wi-Fi network (waves indicate connection strength)
 Notification that an open Wi-Fi network is in range
To turn off WiFi simply press Home press Menu, and touch Settings then Wireless & networks and uncheck Wi-Fi.

Can’t Mount USB Drive or USB Device

iT Set’s USB ports support HOST mode, that is you can either connect the iT Set to another computer to make the storage on your iT Set look like a disk drive to another computer, or you can connect USB devices to the IT Set