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IT™ Introduction

InfoTelesys has the technology, the frequency spectrum, hardware and the network designs to radically advance how people obtain and utilize world-wide media and communications services. The InfoTelesys IT-I2™ network delivers over TWO THOUSAND to FIFTEEN THOUSAND TIMES the performance of the fastest modems and is some 20,000% to 100,000% faster than DSL! InfoTelesys' massively scalar architecture brings advanced distributed global communications, enabling the delivery on-demand DVD quality media into homes or business' around the world. These advances promise to narrow the digital divide and give birth to a revolutionary new era in global communications and media.  Communications in the InfoTelesys World will impact every domain of digital transmission, including:

Telecommunications: both Voice and Video, Wired and Wireless.
Broadcast & Stored Media: TV, Radio, CD, VCR, DVD, MP3, Music and Movies.
Business Communications: from Local Interaction to Global Transmission Systems.
Print and Web-based Communications: Internet, Newspapers, Magazines and Books.

Strategy employs advances in technology to amalgamate these communications channels into a single medium. Utilizing unparalleled technological assets and innovation, InfoTelesys will provide advanced communications services at prices which are attractive globally. The network will allow virtually everyone to partake in the digital economy, down to the local community level, anywhere in the world. The InfoTelesys’ waterfall equipment amortization and distribution plan takes technology from First World countries and passes it on to Second and Third world countries, at prices they can afford, or potentially at no cost.

Get ITainment, bringing ethical Entertainment and Services to the home;
Get IT Ed, bringing innovation and quality to the Educational Market;
Get IT Biz, invigorating the Corporate Segment;
Get IT Ag, assisting efficiency of global Agriculture;
Get IT Gov, responsible for helping Governments understand and cope with the new global digital economy;
Get IT Church, providing advanced InfoTelesys technology to Churches around the world;
Get IT Real, The New Way to Real Estate™;
Get IT Lib, bringing Libraries in to the economies of the digital world;
Get IT Legal, serving the Legal markets;
Get IT Med, helping Medical progress,
amongst other dynamic vertical Get IT businesses.

corporate and business structure has been carefully architected to meet the demands & expectations of a leading global long-term high-technology organization in this millennium. The latest high technology business, product, motivation & management strategies are fully employed to ensure InfoTelesys' success. To-date InfoTelesys has:

The world's most advanced next generation Internet infrastructure, hardware & software.
The world's most advanced launch vehicles and satellite systems expertise, including reliable launch and command and control facilities.
1 GHz of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) allocated global frequency.
Powerful trademarks and over one hundred and fifty domains.

The InfoTelesys Team

The InfoTelesys team is being assembled with leading experts from many of the top computer, telecommunications and vertical segment companies, including Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Bell, AT&T, Microsoft & Intuit. Clive Boustred, Founder & Chairman, is one of the industry’s foremost technology & business strategists, Mr. Boustred has provided the architectural vision for some of the world's largest systems & has developed core strategy and educated many of the leading technology & communications companies including: Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Motorola, Intuit, Bell Canada, Hitachi, StorageTek, GTE, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Netscape, Apple, NeXT, OSF, General Electric, Teknekron Software Systems, TCI, Talarian, Intelsat, AutoDesk & NCR, among many other leading organizations.

InfoTelesys is utilizing advanced technologies to build the team along with the innovative new approach of Open-Free-Market-Enrollment to build a team that will continue to outperform the competition.

InfoTelesys has the Model
the Strategy
the Technology
the Product  
and the Ability to deliver.

We are The Next Internet™, We take the period out of dot com™, This is IT™.


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