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The Home of The New Next Generation InfoTelesys Automated Trading System

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This is IT™ - The Next Internet™ - The New Gold Standard™
"The sky is not the limit™" - CLive

InfoTelesys IWPO Trading Begins!
First Come First Serve 
Those who get their bids in before others at the same price will win shares first.
The first auction will list ten million shares with an entry price of one dollar.  You can put in a bid to buy one share or all of them.

Easy Steps to Buy Stocks

  1. Register as a trader 
    - Click On Bill to the right then page down - (you must read the Trading Terms & the IT Disclosure before you register.  Sorry it's the law to imagine all conceivable things that could go wrong)
  2. Confirm your Registration 
  3. Click on the "IT-AT™ Buy" Menu button on the Left  menu
  4. Enter the number of shares you are want to buy and how much you will pay for them, click on "Review Bid".
  5. Confirm your buy, click on "Submit Bid"


Never before has such an enormous investment opportunity been offered.
Never before has such an enormous "virgin unadulterated" stock offering been made.
You may never see an investment opportunity like InfoTelesys again.


IT-AT™ "The New Gold Standard™


Would You Have Invested?

Microsoft 1978
CLICK ON Bill To Enter The InfoTelesys Initial Web Public Offering
(Then Page DOWN for Form)

For 128 bit Secure Connection 

The auction ends on Monday 12:00 p.m. GMT

Check back regularly through the auction to see if you have been outbid.
To raise your bid simply enter through "AT-IT™ Buy" and submit another bid.

The InfoTelesys Automated Trading system IT-AT™.
THE true Free-Market Open-Access Dynamic-Disclosure Trading System.

Brought directly to you, without any middle man, without any insider trading and without bureaucracy.  Read why you should not be trading on traditional stock markets through traditional brokers (if you do not already know).

Stay tuned to this page for updates and information over the next three days as we prepare to change the world.

Welcome to InfoTelesys' Investor pages and the brand new InfoTelesys Automated Trading system IT-AT™

Read About IT-AT™ if you need to find out how IT-AT™ works and the trading rules.

IT-AT™ Trading Example 

InfoTelesys Fair Trading Rules - IT-AT™ Terms.

InfoTelesys Disclosures

Learn about security on IT-AT™


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