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The Mir Threat

De-Orbiting Mir Safely "Impossible" According to respected senior Russian Central Aerodynamic Institute (CAGI) engineers calculations.

Senior Engineer, Mr. Ilyin Alexei Leonidovich  of Russia's Central Aerodynamic Institute (CAGI) send disturbing report to InfoTelesys:

"the safe de-orbiting of the heavy station by the Progress alone is impossible"
(Progress is the rocket attached to Mir that was to be used to de-orbit the station)

The Gyrodyne on Mir are not operational and would not be able to stabilize the movement of the racing station as it enters the atmosphere.

"Solar batteries and so on will be blown off by a stream, fuel tanks will most likely blow up. All the blocks will enter the atmosphere at the next coil absolutely unguided

The stations debris will be spread over a 5,000 km swath, as also stated in a tele-interview with Mr. Yuri Koptev, General Director, Russian Aerospace Agency.

Draft English Translation of Mir Engineers Calculations Regarding the Mir Threat
Mir Engineers Calculations Regarding Mir Threat In Russian

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