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InfoTelesys has a whole suite of products to meet your communications, entertainment, and media needs.  To access the IT-I2™ communications network, you must have an IT Server™ or access to an IT Server that is already running in your neighborhood.

IT ServerÔ

The IT Server™ is the "last mile." IT sits in your home or business, giving you wide band, super fast access to digital multimedia content, on your time schedule, and on your demand.

Level I

The IT Server™ Level I is designed for individual homes.

Level II

The IT Server™ Level II is designed for businesses and neighborhoods.

Level III

The IT Server™ Level III is designed for communities.

IT Server™ Level III

Your IT Server™ comes with an InfoTelesys advanced DTAC™ (Directional Transmitter Antenna Couple) that connects you to the IT-12™ galactic armada of IT Sat's™.



The BTAC™ (Broadcast Transmitter Antenna Couple) uses Ultrawide Band Technology (UWB) that allows connection speeds ranging from 4.8Kbps to 30Mbps..

The InfoTelesys IT Set™ replaces your PC, TV, Radio, VCR, DVD, Tape Player, and Telephone.

IT Set™
IT TheaterÔ

The IT Theater™ connects directly to your IT Set™, allowing you to project full screen video and web content anywhere.  IT's just like having your own movie theater.

IT Theater™
IT StudioÔ

Creating home videos has never been so easy. With the IT Studio™ and IT Cam™ system you will be on your way to producing high quality video and pictures for home and the web.

IT Studio™
IT Cam Version 1Ô

InfoTelesys' Camera Version 1 is a true digital camera that captures up to 1GB of MPEG 1 video directly onto an internal PCMCIA hard disk "Soft Film" in the IT Cam™

IT Cam Version 1™
IT LineÔ

IT Line™ Equipment provides all you need to connect IT Sets™ to your IT Server™ whether the IT Sets™ are in your home, or in your neighbor's home.

IT Hub™
IT PhoneÔ

The ITPhone™ is a fourth generation cell phone that has the ability to connect to the massively scalar IT-Server™ Network via Ultrawide Band Technology (UWB).

IT Phone™



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