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iT Set V12

The iT Set V12 has been replaced with either the iT Set V16, iT Set V15 and iT Set V19Slideshow image

The design of computers is a complex numbers game where higher numbers can actually in some instances deteriorate performance, particularly when it comes to battery life and also when it comes to different compute tasks.  Crank up the chip frequency and usually you end up cranking down the battery life.  Decreasing the instruction set on in the CPU (RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computer) increases the number of instructions one can perform in set time, however, in a single clock cycle a complex instruction set computer (CISC) can often perform what takes three, four or ten instructions on a RISC computer. Video, or graphics processing can be compute intensive, so putting money into the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) allows you to save money on the CPU (Central Processing Unit).  It is a delicate art and balance.  At InfoTelesys we seek out the best of breed in design, performance and cost efficiency, giving you better value for your hard earned capital.

With power consumption less than two Watts, you can run fifteen IT Set V12’s on what a 60 Watt light bulb consumes and the 3,800 mAh battery provides ample standby time. The system will run Android or Linux along with browser support on the chip for HTML5 and flash 10.1.

InfoTelesys’ IT Set V12 utilizes the Arm Cortex-A9 chip, providing a next-generation High Definition video decoding engine and 3D multimedia experience.  The AML8726-M chip in the IT Set V12, combines full 1080p HD video decoding with the RM Mali™-400 Graphics Processing Unit integrated into a range of connectivity options.  Supporting 1080P video for H.264, VC-1, WMV, MPEG1/2/4 and 1080P HDMI output, and delivering up to 800,000,000 pixels per second and 45,000,000 triangles per second the IT Set V12 delivers the image. 

The iT Set V12 was replaced by the iT Set V19 and now the iT Set V24


Operating System

Android 2.2 – Multitasking Unix implementation – browse internet, read books & listen to music simultaneously


4GB onboard + up to 32GB mocro SD slot + USB Disks


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; Optional 3G internal SIM WCDMA support


Amlogic AML8726-M ( ARM Cortex™-A9 800MHZ+Mali 400.GPU 300MHZ+DSP 200MHZ)


Optional WCDMA,CDMA (internet and SIP phone only)


10" 1024*600 resolution. Resistance or Capacitive.


Lithium Battery 3,800 MAh 7.4V


Small-sized charger socket, DC9V input 2A


Speaker; 3.5mm audio jack; Built in mike

Size / Wt

250mm ×150mm x 13mm / 540g

Peripheral Support

Regular & HOST 1.1 mode std. & mini USB 2.0 high speed ports: flash/keyboard/mouse etc.  Bluetooth support.

Video & Audio Stds.

HDMI Port and G-Sensor


1.3 MP


System microphone MP3, WAV


Epub pdf word doc html xml xls ppt etc.




~300,000 applications. Games, productivity, browsers, MS Office compatible, video, music, email, organizers, CAD etc.


English, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Italian, French, German, Chinese etc.

Note product specifications can vary depending on component availability and other factors.