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iT Set Shifts Paradigm in Industry

$100 - $200 iT Set Tablet Computers Redefine Business
Will you be left behind or will you use new technology to cost effectively increasing productivity?

The Use of Tablet Computers In Industry

  1. iT Set Sales Executive Pocket Presentations & Instant Invoice
  2. iT Set Keep Your Team In-Touch & Up-to-date
  3. Shop-floor feedback, monitoring & control iT Set
  4. Field Reporting iT Set
  5. General Management iT Set
  6. iT Set Stock Management - Inventory Taking, etc.
  7. Customer Interface

At around one to two hundred dollars, a fully functional new InfoTelesys iT Set computer shifts the paradigm yet again.  A whole new class of applications and solutions has opened up.

Companies that modernize operations with iT Set’s improve organizational efficiency, productivity and profit.  Naturally they will replace competitors.

Innovation in technology has and continues to change the world. Those that don’t adopt get left behind.  Those who enjoy the challenge and change, surge ahead on an exciting ride. 

iT’s time to get excited again!

The functionality and design of the new InfoTelesys iT Set computers makes them particularly well suited for functions that were previously not possible or practical:

Here’s some ideas on how to make iT work for you:


iT Set Sales Executive Pocket Presentations & Instant Invoice

Timing is everything.  In sales there is nothing more powerful than wiping out of your pocket a full fast demonstration of what you sell: In the elevator, coffee shop or in the car or airplane.  The iT Set’s high-definition 1080p video quality is outstanding, iT puts you and your products in the best light.

Presentations can be simple photographs, Power Point or interactive HD-Video adverts.  Provide your sales executives with a library of sales tools, dynamically available at the touch of the screen. But don’t stop there:

  • Open up an invoice on the spot.
  • Get the customer to sign the invoice on the iT Set.
  • Close the deal. Go on-line to transfer the funds

All on your iT Set. iT pretty much revolutionizes the sales process; competent sales executives can’t afford be without an iT Set.


iT Set Keep Your Team In-Touch & Up-to-date

All iT Set’s are equipped with high-speed WiFi with 3G options.  Full access to internet, email, online websites and SIP phone on all models and a full featured 3G cell phone and GPS on some models allow your team to never be left out of the loop or out of touch.  All iT Set’s come with standard USB ports and cables to connect to regular PC’s and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, memory sticks and disk drives.  They are also equipped with standard or micro SD chip slots for further cost-effective unlimited expansion.  Speakers, earphones and 110V to 240V charger also are standard. iT’s all inclusive!


Shop-floor feedback, monitoring & control iT Set

IT Set’s can be fixed to walls, workbenches or display cabinets where they provide many useful functions for delivering and receiving information such as:

  • Advertising – video, picture or brochures customers and staff can query.
  • Production control and monitoring – work orders; job scheduling; worker feedback; picture or video snapshots
  • Time and Attendance – an iT Set is an eye on the desk, workshop or store.  iT can be used to not only monitor team members clocking in, you can see and record the whole process.
  • Security monitoring & guard’s reporting station.
  • Customer or team feedback points – touch-screen surveys or full forms - Video conferencing through the onboard camera.
  • Reporting and HR: Now the team can talk directly to management.
  • Management Reports & Motivation – the CEO can talk to the entire team!
  • Shop-floor training – Videos, how-to manuals, email or call support.
  • Safety-manuals & standard procedures, interactive guides, regular & up-to-date.
  • Integrate your iT Set directly with machinery though the USB!

Integrate the iT Set’s over corporate high-speed WiFi networks to provide real-time response and feedback and ensure everything is up to date.


Field Reporting iT Set

iT Set’s are ideal for in the field reporting, whether it is simply taking notes, pictures or video of the situation.  Create forms and procedures to ensure your staff covers all the bases.  Zoom in though the camera on your team’s iT Set in the field, instantly see the progress or damage.  Real-time reporting from the field.

  • Field Reports.
  • Picture, Video, Written & Forms based Reports.
  • Real-time-reporting & Integration with management.
  • Access to data & records in the field or back at the office.

Take the office into the field and the field into the office.


General Management iT Set

Access your records, check on your team, run statistics all from an iT Set that fits in your pocket.  Take pictures and video of progress or problems.  Record meetings and statements in the written form or by pictures, audio or video. There is noting like an iT Set to keep you on top of things.

  • Records.
  • Rosters.
  • Reports.
  • Team information and integration.
  • Complete Communications: Video Conference – Phone – Email – IM – SMS – Web Forms


iT Set Stock Management - Inventory Taking, etc.

IT Set’s are ideal for tracking inventory and stock taking.  Integrate directly with the company online systems or run independently.  Models with cameras can be used to scan barcodes and also take picture or video records of the state and quantity of inventory.  The iT Set helps you to stay in control.

  • Integration with Corporate Store Keeping Application & MRP.
  • Bar-code scanning.
  • Written & photographic or video stock records.


Customer Interface

You can afford to put iT Set’s everywhere and provide simple or advanced entertaining means for your customers to interact with you through an iT Set. Hook them right into your corporate iT system or even directly to your desktop.

Advertising in your stores – Stick iT Set’s to the walls, run advanced interactive advertising integrated through WiFi or stand alone.  You can even check who’s passing by and fire off just the right message. iT Set’s take in-store marketing to an entirely new level.

Customer feedback – You can’t build a better or simpler forms interface than that which you can build on your iT Set’s and you can make iT intelligent, entertaining and interactive. If you get iT right, your customers may even line up for the opportunity to spend time with you on your iT Set’s.

Advertising in your waiting room – don’t leave other people’s magazines, leave them your iT Set so you can entertain sell them while they wait.

You can even send your customer iT Set’s as a gift with your company logo, presentations and a direct interface back to you.  Simply ask InfoTelesys and they will custom build your iT Set to your specifications.

There are many more areas InfoTelesys can show you how to leverage our technology for a competitive advantage in your business.  From doctors rooms, operating theaters, ambulances, aircraft, buses, taxi's to restaurants and more, the iT Set delivers what you need when you need it.  Contact us, were here to help you.  sales@infotelesys.com

An iT Set is a technology tool like nothing that existed before.  Use iT!
This is iT™ InfoTelesys, The Next Internet™