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iT Set V20 Dual SIM iT Phone & GPSSlideshow image

For executives and sales people on the go, the iT Set V20 offers everything you need to optimize productivity. Integral Dual-SIM 3G; GPS and WiFi on a 5 inch 5-point capacitive high resolution display, the V20 will keep you in touch wherever you are. As a full iT Phone, you can leave your old phone behind and take your favorite iT Set features with you. It also supports Bluetooth so you can link up your Bluetooth headset for easy communication.

Providing optimal connectivity, the advanced hot-swappable dual SIM slots allow you to select the most cost effective call plans while ensuring you no longer need worry about dropped calls during data transfer.

With both a front and back cameras the iT Set V20 allows you to snap pictures or track inventory and record videos while giving you the convenience of a front facing camera for video conferencing.

Integral 4GB flash and up to 32GB micro SD expansion, or effectively as much as you want though the USB ports, this InfoTelesys iT Phone not only replaces your old fashioned cellphone or iPhone, it provides you desktop computer capacity coupled with an advanced GPS. Connect half a terabyte disk drive for access to all your records, while finding your way.

Designed around the 3rd generation MediaTek MT6575 ARM Cortex A-9 CPU (Central Processing Unit) running at 1GHz with the Imagination Technologies PowerVRTM SGX Series5 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) providing high-performance video and 3D gaming output, the iT Set V20 offers functionality and power and one of the world’s efficient chip-sets for optimal standby, talk and action.

InfoTelesys brings the world to your fingertips, ears and eyes. This is iT™

InfoTelesys, the Intelligent decision

The iT Set V20 has been discontinued a replacement is currently going through field testing.

Printable iT Set V12 Technical Specifications

itsetv20 iT Set V20

Operating System

Android 4.0.3 – Multitasking Unix implementation – browse internet, read books & listen to music simultaneously


4GB on board + up to 32GB micro SD slot + USB Disks


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; Dual SIM WCDMA 2100/850 (HSDPA) and GSM 850/900/1800/190


MediaTek MT6575 1.0Ghz + PowerVRTM SGX Series5 GPU


5" 800 x 480 resolution. 5-point Capacitive.


Lithium Battery 3,200 mAh – 5V 2A 100-240V charger


Speaker; 3.5mm audio jack; Built in mike; Bluetooth

Size / Wt

147mm × 79.5mm × 14.5mm 180g

Peripheral Support

Mini USB 2.0 high speed port: flash/keyboard/mouse etc.

Video & Audio Stds.



Front 2 MP – Back 5 MP


System microphone MP3, WAV


JPEG BMP GIF PNG Epub pdf word doc html xml xls ppt etc.


~300,000 applications. Games, productivity, browsers, MS Office compatible, video, music, email, organizers, CAD etc.


English, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Italian, French, German, etc.


Dual Integrated SIM: WCDMA 2100/850 (HSDPA) and GSM 850/900/1800/1900 – Full iT Phone


Integrated GPS – Google Maps Support


Printable iT Set V20 Technical Specifications

Note product specifications can vary depending on component availability and other factors.